Tea = Creativity

I love it when they do tests on the high functions of people who drink tea!!! Guess I should drink more then my usual 3 cups a day lol! Cheers to all us tea drinkers out there! I also added an article below, just many on the Creative genius around Tea drinking!

Much Love xo *Ria

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Short story: Can I get a shot instead

“Can we be real with each other Spenser? ”


“Can we at least talk candid with each other then?”


“Ok, Spenser how about this then? For a moment pretend I’m a stranger sitting next to you on the train ride home after work. I’m reading a book. Nothing really important something I picked up at a second hand book store. You notice the title but it’s not what your actually staring at. You scratch your 2 day old beard wondering if the run in my panty hose is due from my walk in the ice and wind from today or it’s the same pair I’ve had for a while and could care less about my appearance or the fact it only costs $1.99 to replace. Your brain tells you that I can certainly afford to replace them by the expensive tweet jacket I’m wearing but your heart tells you that my appearance has to do with a breakup perhaps or the fact I hate my job and wish to quite it but I just can’t bring myself to do so yet! Now do you whisper to me about my run or wait until I look up from my book to make eye connect and smile your way?”

“I wouldn’t talk to you because you look out of my league and the fact I would notice your run wouldn’t even be a topic I would bring up! So instead I would look out the window enjoying the spray painted blackened walls from years of grim and spot buildup. You would walk off the train at the next stop and that would be that.”

“And that Spenser my darling is why you have been single for the last 2 years because you don’t take chances!”

They both down their beers asking for another.

“Well the pact still stands if we haven’t been married in the next year, about 245 days then we get each other, right!”

“I’m getting married in 30 days. Nick proposed last night, we are eloping next month.”

Spenser was stunned and asked the bar keep for a shot of whiskey instead of another beer. This day couldn’t get any worse, then his ex walked in with a gaggle of girlfriends cackling like hens.

“Just leave the bottle, man!”

Much Love xo *Ria

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Prompt word of the day: candid

Book Review: The Golden Shears

Tell me how I am suppose to wait for the 3rd book of this series to drop this year with no date ahead! Ughhhhhh!!!! Well I guess in the meantime I can read all the e-books ya’ll have sent me for free in exchange for my honest, positive but to the point review!

This book was the second book in the Scarlett Thread series by D.S. Murphy. Definitely hands down a 5 out of 5 star review. I didn’t even think half of what happened could actually happen. Are you kidding me with the 3 fates though? My mind still is in awe of that part. I won’t tell you what happened, I promise just wow is all you need to know! Are the Shears real or a made up rumor to lead the war this way or that. The all out god story with that many interesting roles and twists was certainly studied upon before writing this book and I certainly appreciate that! So much goodness in one book I applaud you D.S. Murphy! Round of applause!

PS. I would like to put it out there as the time will come when I will need early book reviewers to read my upcoming novel in the next few months. If anyone needs a reader and wants to pass their e-book or paper back form, I’m happy to read and be your ginny pig and post a review! So many amazing authors have already sent me copies 14 total just this month! I’m trying to read them all by mid February!

Much Love xo *Ria

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Buttering the poles is a thing

Laughing so hard at this! Is this seriously a thing? Hanging on lamp posts? When I was little we just ran outside the house and yelled ‘yes’ ‘ahh’ pounding our chests or ‘beat that!’ Now people are climbing light posts! They know when they fall it hurts right? Lol but now it’s come down to buttering the poles! Thanks sports center I just had a huge laugh!

Much Love xo *Ria

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Little Museum Visit

Our plan today was to go to Providence Children’s Museum around 11am Perfect we bought because everyone would be home cooking and waiting patiently for friends to come over to watch the Patriots game in our state. Well we planned hat horribly lol. The time we went was freaking insane. Every child and every parent matched in Patriots jerseys. Clearly as my wife said ‘bet their all here to get their kids tired so they wouldn’t be bothered while they watch the game!’ Holy bananas was she right.

The museum is rather small. Sure it has too levels but it’s the same things since I was a kid. Upstairs is the local play market inside showing what immigrants paid and grew back in the 1800’s, a little May flower type boat to play on, play veggies in every area, a little wooden play house and a construction type area showing a bridge and how it was built in RI. In the back was building blocks an eating area and things to build with. It was 80 degrees up there but my son enjoyed it!

The first floor has a water area with different types of steams, flow and frozen ice to play with. Another noodle type area with pool noodles to put in holes and build with. They also have an outdoor area to dig and crawl through tunnels. Runs you all $8 each and you literally can play and run for 2 hours and legit I kid you not touch everything and not miss a single thing that’s how tiny it is. Be prepared to be hot!

It was cool we have been a few times when we have run out of options in RI to visit in the winter time. Today we should have planned better but at least none of us were in Patriots gear so we could lose each other hahahaha! I give that museum a 3.0 out of 5 because it needs a serious update!

Much Love xo *Ria

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A dry book

I’ve loved every book from the House of Night Series believe me when I saw that! But why did they have to make a filler book with the underworld that is dragging! I’m not the only person either! My wife and other book lovers have told me just power through friend because the next book is amazing!

So here I am powering through and reading The Golden Shears at the same time to break the filler of Burned by P.C. Cast and daughter duo.

Much Love xo *Ria

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Can we switch!

Mom, so I have to go to the spa while you get to go to my brothers school to volunteer to make 138 bags of popcorn for their movie night? Mom I like popcorn too! Plus I smell just fine! Honest! Hmm.

Luna I’ll be back before you know it, and bring you home from your spa day! Hahahah

Even the dogs want to go! We can trade places. I’ll go to the spa while you go to the school. But let’s be honest you will just eat all the popcorn and leave 138 bags empty hahahaha Life of a dog!

Much Love xo *Ria

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