On the 3rd day of December

Let’s be real, as I write this I’m sitting on a burnt red leather couch watching cartoons with my son on a chilly Sunday morning in RI. Why yes the tiny state which most people confuse with Long Island. I get it all the time with pondering facial expressions of pure confusion when I politely say no ‘Rhode Island!’

Why I started this blog page on this random day of days? All my life I have been a writing. The kind who gets published I middle school and high school news letters. The kind as a little girl your meme is a librarian with a strong voice saying you will become a writer one day!(grandmothers always say these things lol). The kind who has written 3 full books but never had the time to find a publisher. Ok now your just saying lazy or three your not serious and yet you still are asking why? Right…

Well last night I watched one of those Hallmark Christmas movies where everyone is all wrapped up in ribbon and bows  loving their little lives and boom they fell in love with the baker in a small town. Well this story was about an aspiring author who goes to a writing workshop getting paired with her ex the stuck up author type. Now he was a real colorful character but for me a real thorn. At this point within starting said movie it ‘clicked’ for me as I sipped my Tea. Why haven’t I published my books, manuscripts or even had a friend read a dang sentence. Clearly at 34 years old I’m late to the game. Dang it Hallmark way to get me thinking! So here I am starting a blog sipping yet another tea, I have printed out every piece I’ve written in the last 7 years with gigantic paper clips(that felt mature). I should note I drink a lot of tea with honey. People jive on coffee, cappuccinos, and lattes to get their boat rowing. I drink tea from a mug with droplets of fresh honey. Something about a ceramic mug that makes me think outside this hexagon. I was never good at belonging to the 4 square box type lol.

My next move after this post is getting one of those dreaded red pens and crossing out the misspelled words, sentences, add-ones etc that need to be updated in my latest book I wrote. This will be a tall order I’m sure with many cups of tea and snacks to boot. So here is to the red pen and the marks I will leave I’m sure in haste as we all do when repeating to ourselves  ‘well that just doesn’t make sense, why did I put that sentence there!’

Much Love xo *Ria

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