When a book comes to light…

This afternoon I dreadfully pulled into the mall parking lot. Let’s be real the mall this close to the holidays brings out the shoppers like butterflies releasing from swarms of cocoons in spring. I’m a quiet shopper, I like to go in and come out without pivoting around groups of confused people holding up that cashmere sweeter your aunt Betty will only take back lol. Now don’t get me wrong I love the holidays just safely from my couch or in the middle of the woods. Speaking of I should probably do more hiking.

Back to the drive into the mall. This drive had me almost literally stop in the middle of the road. I didn’t, don’t worry I kept my cool and continued to the parking area in a fluster. Usually I’m good on the fly about writing down pieces of a book or a character, but ya’ll I had no pen. No freaking pen? How do I have no pen and my phone is doing its thing with gps. In great fashion of course an opening to a great book comes to light. No pen, gps going and my sweet son looking out the window looking for a parking spot in the jammed packed mall. What I hope is still a photographic memory, lord knows I will need it right now. I should thank my brain now that I’m thinking about it for getting me through college. (Secret high five lol). So this book comes into my mind. It’s now haunting me as I sit on a cold wooden bench watching people pass me by. Her name will be Maggie. It just has to be Maggie. And now she is real! Now she will be made to fall, climb, cry, laugh and wonder about her life going into this world. Welcome to the real world Maggie!

Much love xo *Ria

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