When driving is fun…

I drive for the fun of it. Clearly that may sound strange I get that. But I do enjoy driving, which lead me 2 years ago to drive strangers around. Here’s where I loss people when they ask what I do for a living. I own a clothing company, no I didn’t go to school for it. I went to college, used my degree for all of 5 years and grew bored. The pay was excellent but the people where crummy. No heart was put in by anyone around me. Perhaps I should have majored in English like my heart said to do but others talked me out of it. Mainly they had no idea about passion or words steering me away and into a field that would pay well.(I say this daily in my head why didn’t I listen at such a young age, I knew better!) So in my free time I read/write and drive drive strangers around. Yes I’m one of those people lol. It pays little but it pays for gas and snacks and to be honest I get to drive around gawking at things I’ve never seen that make my heart twinkle with curiosity. Guys, the things I see with strangers is honestly as we ‘Rhode Islanders often say ‘Wicked fun!’

I totally get it why drive with a stranger, right? Heres where I get to make people laugh. You take a taxi in the big city your visiting or for big work meetings leaving your car in the garage and hail a taxi. You get into a car with a stranger no? You pay extra for said uncomfortable seating in a taxi that may or may not smell like cigarettes and feet. Then we all laugh. At this point in the conversation I only smile knowing I showed them the way to realize driving with strangers in relatively nice cars with your choice of music is fun. Do I see strange things by golly yes! 10x yes! Is there a lot of silence, YES!

But I also get nice conversations and get to tell others about the knowledge of the city or that restaurant near their hotel is good for sushi or chat with college kids about their day when they are far away from home and talking to a stranger is like a little therapist. They miss home and their friends just don’t understand but I do. So you see I like to drive strangers around!

Much Love *Ria

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