Karate for one.

Every Monday at 4pm and Saturday 9am we take our Shy 5 year to Karate to make friends and do an activity that stretches him muscles. Today was suppose to start snowing at 7ish am according to the weatherman in RI & MA. Well here it is almost 9 am and the snow just started to sprinkle the white stuff.

We are sitting at karate and usually this class holds 20-25 children but today the flakes have kept the mass public away. A mere 11 children showed up with 5 instructors. Looks like they all will get a 2 on 1 experience learning respect, instinct, sharing, love, gratitude, compassion, peace and strength. This do-jo teaches these things above all else. Probably why we choose this do-jo over the others. Owner isn’t about fighting others but learning to walk away. Our son is looking eager as he is training for his orange belt in a few weeks.

So dear snow thanks for staying away a few extra hours so we could attend karate with our little guy. Also feel free to dump an extra inch or so, so we could make snow angels where most likely we will drop into snow happily and boom leaving it in places like up your jacket into your shirt lol. Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor now a days. Bright sun last weekend no jackets, brutal cold yesterday and snow today. Hey at least we didn’t get 15 inches of snow in 90 minutes like Alaska did yesterday setting a US record!

Much Love *Ria

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