Snow is on the horizon for RI.

No seriously it’s due to start snowing here at 7/8am tomorrow morning into Sunday. Of course RI has been known to have crippling freak blizzards. Due to our recent warm weather things have started growing outside again even though all the leaves are nestled quietly on the ground. I recently blogged about the warm weather here and now here I am in the same week talking about a freak blizzard coming. A little funny if you ask me!

We have a few different news channels in RI and not a single one is matching. I feel like they are all different so a weatherman once storm is over can pretty much say I was right at those yearly news award shows. The gest is some are predicting 2-4 inches, 3-7 inches and 4-8 inches in land. Now we all know what even one inch announced on local news brings right… Milk, bread, salt and bottle water runs for all. But ya’ll I’m not one for soggy milk bread sandwiches so we bought three kinds of chips, salsa, milk for cereal, bread to make actual sandwiches pb/jelly & turkey and bottled water only because we have animals and I don’t want to be eating yellow snow if all we have is snow to make water. Clearly we thought ahead lol.

Ya’ll when I say blizzard I feel like that’s a 10-12+ inch fall, 4-8 isn’t that much but for some Rhode Islanders it’s life changing. It’s the end of the world. They start to panic if the Dunkin on every corner has limited hours due to storm. No coffee equals mass panic!

Don’t get me wrong I get a little nervous getting our 115lb pig outside to pee. If the snow is even 2 inches high it hits his belly and he is not about that life at all lol. He wears a big coat so do our dogs. I have to keep up with the shoveling so he can get in and out of the door to our yard. Mr. Oreo goes potty and runs back in where our family has to build box fun to keep him entertained all day. Pigs are mischievous you see and need to be entertained like a toddler lol. It’s true, just google it I swear!

If you really want my opinion, I like the white fluffy snow. It’s fun and brings great memories especially for our 5 year old son. He’s ready for it. He may be more prepared then the panicked Rhode Islanders in the stores right now lol. Well we are off to settle in and have our fun Friday movie night. He picked ghost busters for the 3rd time this week. A life of a 5 year old.

Much Love *Ria

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