Touching on NY today…

Most people now a days have the news or social media open all day at there office or working from their home. Let’s face it we are social network addicted society. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as we all stay in peaceful, loving, grounded individuals and to others. As I used to say to my students ‘bullies are not aloud in my classroom, you see something say something!’

Now that I got that out of the way… Here we are with another human on a revenge driven path according to authorities. I don’t know why, and I don’t know who was watching (everyone has their own beliefs) but innocent lives where spared. I won’t publicize his name or what he stands for, I’m not about that life of making him some sort of cool guy that he thinks he is. I will say he failed. Something didn’t go off as planned and only a small part of him detonated. For this I am truly grateful for he failed, and something worse could have happened. I do wish the 4-6 people ( all news channels are reporting numbers in that range) a speeding recovery and the memory of this incident becomes easier everyday. Seek help when you need it. Talking about it, getting your many feeling out is the best medicine. Don’t feel afraid to voice your feelings, don’t bottle them up. Any therapy you seek will definitely give you homework on breathing techniques, counting numbers to feel calm that will come with the anxiety of today. You are amazing never forget that! Never!

The world has been living daily, weekly, monthly and yearly on egg shells. It seems every month something tragic happens. But did you know with every 1 things that does happen, the average 5 hidden incidents are caught before they unfold. At least 26 were unfolded before anything could happen. Yes that doesn’t make it any easier I know this. We all at some point in time have looked over our shoulder only to see leaves heavily crunching in the wind. We have had mini panic attacks when a train is over filled and your looking at which exit is closest to you in case you need to run for it. We are human our thoughts happen.

If your anything like me you believe in the good too. Bad things happen, but ya’ll amazing and enchanting things happen all around you for no reason. I try daily to say I am grateful for the many things around me. Random things, my family, work, food etc. Does it work? Who is to say but it does help me smile. It does make me happy saying it. Ya’ll I even secretly say ‘I am grateful for your life, I hope you lived a full life and you didn’t suffer’ to animals who have passed away on the side of the road. Is that strange? Perhaps but it gives me a chance to give the decent animal a proper good bye.

I will leave you with this… We all have feelings. We all speak passionately about many different aspects of life. But remember to listen too. Don’t just give your opinion and shut the other person down. Listen, talk, listen repeat. We don’t have to agree with everyone but we should be able to arrive at some sort of pass to live peaceful with one another. A wise man once said ‘stay kind, stay humble!’ I wish you all the best and I wish the world love above anything else!

Much Love xo *Ria

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