Short story: Theory

“Do you have a theory, or are you just spinning our wheels on this matter sir?”

Adam Jenkins voice was hunky but stern. He held back no punches when it came to an investigation especially one being so high profile. He looked at the homeless man whom seemed to be uttering under his breath not making much since.

“Sir!” His voice bellowed off the tin roofs which stood about 10 feet from the next in dimly light alleyway. The small man whom was bent over his carriage, whipped his head up to peer at the officer.

Again his voice was stern and getting annoyed. “Sir if you have nothing important to add, then we will be on our way! We have very little to go on and a killer is on the lose.”

“My theory? I don’t have a theory really?” He muttered with a raspy voice, that had gotten worse over the years from sleeping on cold streets over the years.

“I have cold facts. Go to Sutton street. There is a brown painted house. I trailed them. No number, I have no number.” He muttered again. “The men you are looking for hang out there. One… one… one… wore purple, definitely purple. Brown hair. Main individual. He ran from the street where you found the girl! Two other men ran to fast away laughing, I didn’t get a make on them. But the one in purple walked slowly, nasty grin he had… I stood in the shadows after I heard a scream. Her scream, definitely her scream!”

Much Love xo *Ria

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Prompt word of the day: Theory

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