New hope with finding possible Michelangelos drawings underground.

How exciting was I last month reading National Histories article about findings from 1975 discovery unearthed in a hidden chamber under a wardrobe floor where Michelangelos possible drawings had been cleaned up for the public to finally see in 2020. Everyone has been saying it’s possibly his work because the drawing are of the David and 4 other pieces of work that he later made himself. There is not a single signature so they can’t be 100% sure. Historically everyone wants to be right, your name is hailed from history books as the one to prove the finding right or wrong. I mean can’t we just agree that this is amazing, and gawk at the art! Oh it’s art regardless of how it all runs together. Come on ya’ll he or them only had enough wall space with no way to erase a mistake lol.

We rarely get a peak into such history, never mind a hidden chamber in complete almost near perfect condition. It literally has been surviving dormant untouched by hands since the 1530’s when it is said MichelAngelos himself hid away for 2 years avoiding capture. Hoping more articles will be released about this as time goes on. I am definitely eager to read more and hope we can someday agree with more tests that we could prove it was him or his assistants.

While searching for a new way for tourists to exit, Dal Poggetto and his colleagues discovered a trapdoor hidden beneath a wardrobe near the New Sacristy, a chamber designed to house the ornate tombs of Medici rulers. Below the trapdoor, stone steps led to an oblong room filled with coal that at first appeared to be little more than storage space.

But on the walls, Dal Poggetto and his colleagues found what they believe are charcoal and chalk drawings from the hand of famed artist Michelangelo. While the room is closed to the public to protect the artwork, National Geographic photographer Paolo Woods was recently granted rare access to capture its remarkable contents. (National Geographic magazine.)

Much Love xo *Ria

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