Thoughts over a great cup of tea!

Sometimes a thought comes to your mind… and boom you have a moment to make it happen right! You begin to spin ever hamster wheel that could possibly be up there, even your locked in the back dreaded awkward teenage wheel that you swear you would never look at again. Face it ya’ll the awkward faze comes with photos that usually sit at your mama’s fireplace year round. Every wheel is needed no hamster left behind on this one.

This ya’ll is the big one, the one thing you want so bad that it emotionally hurts to even think it won’t come true. You have sat dormant, ideal even. This idea makes every single thing leading up to this idea in your entire life seem silly, make believe, child play, even ridiculous. Oh yeah, I just said that. In this moment your heart pounds so loudly your dog perks her head up from a sound sleep. Even the freaking dog knows that mama is about to do something incredible and she doesn’t question it, she’s all in!

Here is your chance ya’ll. The only pondering thought is… share it out loud or let it ride out as the hamster wheel is being setup for greatness? Hahaha

Much Love *Ria

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