Short story : Weak, I don’t think so.

“So what you are saying is my work is meager? Like your serious right now?”

“Look it’s better to be honest. You let me read the first 5 pages of your novel and I’m sorry but it lacks… something. It may need work or it may need to be scrapped. I honestly don’t think your good enough for a book deal!”

Beth’s face grew red. Not pink, not blotchy in anyway but beat crimson red. If the cartoon character was real in her then steam would have shot from her ears with fury. And then… That’s when an entire desk of papers, books, notes and stupid little trinkets of Gary’s went flying through the air farting off walls and pinging off his wood floor. The entire first floor of writers stood up and gawked quietly through the open windows of her editors office.

“For too long have you degraded me! For to long have you made every women in the office cower at your ugly to expensive shoes that I wouldn’t let my dog chew on if you paid me. You are… You are a dork in a power suit who cheats on his wife with girls half his own age. But today….Ohhhhh not today not ever again! Honestly I was one of the lucky ones who said no but that hadn’t stopped you from continuously putting my work and me down. Sit on a broom and spin you coward. I quit!” She walked out if the room with pride.

And wouldn’t you believe it, the entire office applauded when hr came rounding about the corner towards Gary’s office.

Beth grabbed her bag, her journals, a picture of Mack her dog, camera, phone and pushed in her chair. An extreme calm floated over her. She raised her hands in surrender at the four hr personal walking into Gary’s now chaotic looking room.

“Don’t worry, I’ll walk myself out and never turn back!” She hugged know-one and took the stairs with a glorious 6 flight walk. She didn’t care she was free. Free to write as she wished!

“Meager! Stuff it Gary.” She whispered to her self, talking the stairs slowly to breath in every step!

Much Love xo *Ria

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Prompt word of the day: Meager

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