Book Review: House of Night Series

I think every great writer reads classics, we are drawn to authors or leading characters like ourselves or what we wish we could become. Then there are times you pick up a random book from your bookshelf and just start reading it, this was the case for me.

Three weeks ago I was looking for a book to read after finishing Eleanor and Hick (amazing witty book and well told about President Roosevelt’s wife Eleanor and a AP writer Hick, a must read 5 out of 5 stars!) After reading that I decided something with a total different direction would be nice, so I grabbed House of Night Marked by PC Cast & Kristin Cast and ever 5 days I grab the next book in the series. Up next was Betrayed then Chosen.

I will say this, if a house for vampryes does exist I am all about supporting it and hope I’m marked lol.

Let’s start off with what this series really is about shall we… Zoey Redbird is the lead character here. A simple normal human girl in her words at 16 years old gets marked and her world gets tipped up side down. She feels alone at her new school the freshly new marked kid then suddenly four upperclassman take her as their own. Everyone at the House of Night are not yet vampryes but in training to be one someday or die suddenly not making the change over. Well that’s a fun little twist.

All Zoeys new friends have an infinity for a spirit such as fire, water, earth, air and Zoey who is the only one in the world having not only the infinity for spirit but able to tap into all 5 at once. Yes this is were sweet Zoey gets into a lot of trouble. Let’s all face it at one time or another we have had to make teenager decisions. Well she tries hard to protect the ones around her but keeps things here and there from her best friends only to have it backfire more then once. As a high priestess in training she messes up. To say it was her fault is an understatement, she has no choose when your enemy is what we would call the dean of schools Nefertiti. She is as high as they come in charge wise and she’s just as evil. Sadly no one knows this but Zoey. Lucky her right!

In the first three books by this dynamic mother daughter duo you get, great story telling and lay out of the characters. People die, people are reborn, people lie, and the truth, the truth well let’s see it won’t save you here. Boom I said it. It won’t. This series I believe is 13 books but there may be another coming out! I would say if your taking a trip and need some fun adventures with a little gang taking on the world this would be a great series. Take the first two books with you or down load them on your kindle app. You won’t be disappointed there aren’t any dead spaces in these books. I would say a high 5 out of 5 stars. Have fun on the ride ya’ll! I’ll tell you how the fourth book is soon!

Much Love xo *Ria

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