Vatican and Milk

The last few days I have seen so many articles on the Pope using a milk & herb mixture to up date walls at the Vatican so of course I went and found more articles to read. It was interesting to me that milk has been used since the 1500’s to touch up walls and art work without compromising the work. I guess they have their own trial and era team that has been testing over the years the use of milk and other components but milk always won out! I mean did you know the Pope had his own cows? I sure as heck didn’t lol.

I’m not talking religion here, it’s not my thing to get into such debates. I’m merely here to chat about the crazy milk painting craze going on here! Many pieces at the Vatican are priceless. They can’t be replaced as the designers are long since passed on. Some of these art pieces are even off limits to the viewing of the public for they are falling apart rapidly dust and germs have compromised there corners etc. I do hope these such works can be repaired with the milk dabbing affect. Plus my favorite part about all this is the fact they employ 100’s of people to work around the clock restoring everything at the Vatican instead of using robots or computers which would cut the work load and pay load in half. Anyway just my take on something interesting I read the past few days!

Much Love xo *Ria

(Photo from around the world from news sources)

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