Short story: My best friend isn’t the same.

Did Madison my best friend of 8 long ass years just wave me off and say ‘you can’t relate?’ Why because I’m not married? Why because I’ve been single for easily three years know-ones counting though. Why because I choose to go to book signing and sit in on random movies with no violence, I love a freaking love story god damn it! Did she mean I couldn’t relate because I’m not married to a turd (oh I said it, I’m not taking it back) of a man who’s great excitement in life was to literally watch episode after episode of cooking shows and horribly critic the chefs like he had better ideas, listen Mark your an engineer no one understands your lingo about computer crap, you burn toast and I’m pretty certain we listen only to be nice but what we all want to say is ‘Mark your an ass and you pay more attention to computers then your wife who will divorce you in the next two years for the long haired free spirit with a gorgeous smile who gives her the time of day all because your a turd!’

Instead I was polite like my mama taught me. I smiled and said “I love to travel, I love the adventure of writing on a random continent it’s good for a writer to view what they are dreaming and writing about. My readers like those fine details!” Madison come back to me my friend!

And of course Madison rolled her eyes as if self publishing was nothing to her. As if me paying all my bills and traveling on a self publishing career was all of a sudden beneath her (she supported it last year when I quite my job and turned full time writing into a career, publishing two books with the third almost finished. Dear Mark thanks for filling my best friends mind with crap) 8 years if she wants to make it to 9 she would support my work but hey it’s ok… breath 1…2…3 breath…. 1…2…3

I silently wished my tea was spiked as I gripped the Tea cup firmly. What’s that called a hot toddy? Are those still a thing? Note to self, I should look the recipe up when I get home.

“Earth to Charlie! Come in Charlie!”

My day dreaming was cut short!

“Yes!” I said too sharply, annoyance coming out a little to harshly, I realized as soon as the word came out. I reeled back.

“I mean yes, sorry I was just thinking about a good add in paragraph for my new book!” I lied and she seemed to either not care or not notice as she looked through her fridge for something. Great, this was a fun get together.

Much Love xo *Ria

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Prompt word of the day: relate

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