Through a child’s mind, everything is magical; everything!

From a child’s view the world is magical. Everything is perfect, even the things that are out of the box or things they can’t control. They imagine things we can’t see! Today my five year eagerly exclaimed ‘mommy, get up here take the wheel we are pirates looking for buried treasure!’ In his innocent mind he saw the playground as a boat, me his mate and a stick as the digger to take all the dirt away from the x (clearly he thought this through lol) where the treasure was supposedly buried. ‘Your my mate!’ He said and then we found in the treasure hole more sticks. At this point that was the treasure hahahah. But the innocence behind it all was breath taking. I’m not in anyway saying my child is now a Harvard or early Duke attendee, I’m saying he uses his imagination outside and just doesn’t rely on computers or tv, which I believe is good for a child. Exploring the world from the outside view not just the inside the house view!

Anyway, it was a beautiful 33 degree day here in RI. We were bundled up, ok he was bundled up like Ralphy’s brother from that Christmas movie and I was bundled up except I forgot my gloves. Let’s face it the kids are always well protected and the parents not so much! Lol. We played, we dig, we ran, and then mommy was tired but I didn’t admit that to him, I didn’t want to break his spirit of having so much fun. I just secretly told my self a hot tea was just a drive away inside our warm home. A mom can day dream little. Well we played for 45 minuets outside then we decided to go home and play legos. Good call I said that sounds warm hahaha, now I’m building a ghost buster house with every 500 piece LEGO we own. Boy we have been busy today, guess the life of a child is pretty awesome and full of imagination!

Much Love xo *Ria

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