Short Story: The old witch.

“Are you real?”

“As real as they come, yes.” The old lady bowed her head and her crocked nose almost hit her chin.

“Do you believe in Magic?” The little girl barely 7 whispered craning her head and sizing the little old lady up.

“I believe in many things, my dear.”

The little girl squinted her hazel eyes staring at the women in front of her.

“Are you miraculous?”

The old lady cackled surprising the passing wind going by. A tree branch cracked in two in the whirring gust and hit the hard frosted ground with a thud. Only the little girl jumped up in complete shock.

“That’s quite a big word for a little girl as your self. Who taught you to use that?”

“Did I use it right?” She smiled almost bouncing up and down.

“It’s to be determined I think. I do think my dear it’s getting cold at this late hour, I should walk you home.” Her old blue eyes twinkled in the setting sun light. She pulled her bonnet down past her wrinkly looking ears to keep the nip away.

“I um, I was dropped off just past that tree there by my step mother and was told this is where I live now. I um, only have this sack, a few books and an apple left to my name and the cloths I’m wearing.” She leaned in closer to the woman cupping her delicate dirty hand to the side of her mouth. She began to whisper in embarrassment then stated she had been in the same cloths for 6 days.

“I don’t smell do I?”

The old woman wasn’t shocked or taken back in anyway. Instead she dug in her bag slung to her side producing a round crystal ball. With a snap of her fingers a woman appeared all dressed up in pearls and fine silk. Instead of a smile her face held a frown of pure evil while listening to what appeared to be a story by another woman just as angry.

“Is that your step mother?” The old woman asked never looking up from the ball.

A simple nod was all the little girl could muster up in fear.

With the same snapping finger the old women tapped the ball twice, the woman fell over in agony and the ball went black.

“She will never bother you again!”

“You are real!” Her eyes lighting up with glee.

“Would you like to come to my cottage for pie it’s just around the bend there? You can stay with me if you like.”

Much Love xo *Ria

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Prompt word of the day: miraculous

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