Today the ground is rather frozen. Ok that’s an extreme understatement. Today everything is full of cold, slippery, thick ice. When I say everything I mean everything the cold drizzle is touching in RI. Do you like to slip and slide? Then today is the day you do.

We live on a main road. Much different then what I grew up in. I lived when I was young on a dead end with 8 houses on the street and plows didn’t come our way, ever. The neighbors all plowed each other out. Where I live now, the main road is full of 100’s of houses, no one talks, people barely wave to one another and everyone beeps if your going to slow. Which brings me back to the ice. Everyone is speeding around the corner like the ice isn’t there. Ya’ll ever heard of black ice? It’s a hidden little gem that isn’t quite as visible and if you hit a patch it’s extremely hard to catch yourself from falling or a car from coming to a complete stop without hitting something. So my thoughts are this; Why are you willing to put yourself and others in danger by speeding? I’m sorry you are running late but is speeding around icy corners really going to help you any if your hit someone or something? And a sorry won’t bring them back! Please slow down ya’ll and think are my actions right now warranted or could I just be a few minutes and keep everyone alive!

Had to bust out my hiking sneakers so I would slip salting the side walk today!

Much Love xo *Ria

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