The day when family arrives.

It’s the day everyone dreads… I’m not kidding, it’s the morning when the home owner freaks the F out because their house needs to be so clean you could actually sit and eat off of it, ok lick, lick is the proper word.

This day makes me giggle just a little bit. It’s a holiday ya’ll and I totally get it, the in-laws are coming over, your brother with his fourth girlfriend in 2 years, your cousin with her family (her baby is not Beyoncé but she still boosts that her 3 year sings at the mall talent show and she is so close to getting signed, nope, nope, nope Carrie) and we all know that certain someone who complains ‘oh so that’s were you decided to put the tree’ or my favorite ‘wow Cindy guess you missed a spot vacuuming!’ Murder is not on the menu put down the fork she isn’t worth it.

I know this because I grew up with that yelling starting at 7am from age 5 to 21 when I moved on out (ok I actually ran out) running around the house wiping, sweeping, decorating the table, getting the pets ready (we had quite a few). Mostly my parents screamed at each other (thank goodness I haven’t had to deal with that for the last 8 years), you get used to that it was a daily thing and Christmas was no different, after chores you just retreat to your room and read until guests arrive lol. Anyway people get so upset over the perfect house that they forget the spirit of it all. Who cares that it isn’t perfect. People who judge like that aren’t worth your time. Yes I said it. Things should be clean don’t get me wrong but it’s ok if something isn’t the ideal top notch perfection. I’ve learned that last line at a very young age. I won’t apologize if my dog sheds a little she lives here and there’s the door. ‘Don’t let the door hit ya we’re the good lord split ya!’ My nana used to say!

I just wanted to say if you need a friend to not judge you on perfection then I’m the gal for you! And don’t worry Cindy you did an outstanding job vacuuming!

Much Love xo *Ria

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2 thoughts on “The day when family arrives.

  1. I think we grew up in the same house! As I sit here this morning in my unmade bed, the dust bunnies gathering in the corner wish you and your family a merry Christmas


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