Fun little anniversary gift!

December 24th 2017 was our 1 year wedding anniversary (we have been together 10 years). It was a very subdue day, we hung home, ate, played games with our son, watched movies and ate some more lol. Mostly the eating was my idea!

Most people go out to celebrate but we are a family of 3. Yes my mother in-law lives a mile away but she is takes care of my father in-law whom has stage 5 Alzheimers. He is a retired doctor whom believes he still practiced up until last year (he retired 5 years ago) and is the opposite of the calm, gentle, funny patient. The disease switched his personal 360 and the result gave us a man we barely recognize. Finding him an adequate full time facility is extremely expensive and exhausting for her. He has also fired every nurse (even though she is the decision maker, that one was a fun lawyer visit releasing all rights to her and my wife. Know one has written a book yet how to cry everyday about your husband being alive but dead inside. Her words not mine. She misses him terribly we all do.) that came to his home. So she is the nurse, wife, chef everything under the sun. He can’t be left alone either. Anyway we are just a family a 3 so holidays and anniversary’s get spent together.

Now everyone gets their spouse diamonds, massage packages, but not me, I gave her the game Chardonnay Go game. If you like to drink wine or simple play sober like I did get it you won’t be disappointed!

Do you like cards of humanity or things like that? Well this game is like that with a freaking twist. You roll out the dice and move that many spaces. Clearly as seen in the photo you due as the board says, but if you land on the challenge cards you pick from two piles. You then read both cards together to make a sentence and act out the hilarious card. Example: while doing a lap dance in whale talk name three Vice Presidents. Or in a high pitch voice while rubbing the persons belly to your left sing a Disney song! Random things with funny outcomes! We played last night for 30 minuets and my face was so red from laughing I literally had the sweats lol! Best anniversary gift ever! I mean diamonds are cool but this game is pretty damn cool ya’ll and comes in a wine box to store! If you want to purchase it I found it on A-M-A-Z-O-N hahaha shhh…..

Much Love xo *Ria

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