Short story: Changing direction.

“Her proclivity for pandas was a bit strange. I bet she never saw one up close, her room adorned in little panda figurines was a classic cat lady call for help. When was the last time she even got laid?”

The three girls giggled with glee.

“Oh girl, she’s clearly a virgin! Like she’s even been kissed! I mean pandas? I don’t get the connection there, thank god you pledged this year!”

Cindy sat alone reading in a dimly lite corner of the local bar a few blocks from campus. Everyone knew this was the place were class was thrown out the window and spilled beer, sticking counters and loud kids hung out every evening pretty much either to get piss drunk or get a sexual transmitted disease. It was a place to mingle and make long lasting friends over shots, except she didn’t have either.

So tonight she walked into the bar her first visit here since arriving on campus 3 months ago hoping to find a friend to call her own. I mean it couldn’t get any worse really, she bunked alone after her roommate moved into a sorority house, the campus never checked to see if she was even alive never mind if she wanted another roommate so there started the lonely stay to her freshman year. It probably didn’t help at all that her room had easily 14 or so panda figurines or very large blanket of said cuddly bears. Sadly the only person who knew that fact was her ex roommate of one week and now she sat 3 feet from her table with the cheerleader sorority types as they talked loudly about her. Either they hadn’t seen her or they didn’t care talking behind her back anyway. The only choice was to stay unmoving in the corner or storm out looking like an even bigger dork. Decisions, decisions, there was no good outcome really.

“Can I sit with you? My friends never showed and there are no seats tonight?”

It was then Cindy looked up from her book for the first time that night and drowning out the blonde triplets who’s laughs where fake as hell. It was the crisp, soft blue eyes she noticed first. The blue was like sea glass lite in the moonlight, they truly sparkled and twinkled almost smiling at her.

“It’s ok I can um, stand by the bar with the jocks.”

She went to move away.

“No, I would like that.”

Much Love xo *Ria

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Prompt word of the day: proclivity

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