Untamed by PC Cast + Kristin Cast, novel review

Untamed by PC Cast + Kristin Cast, novel review

Untamed was a fantastic novel, the 4th in the House of Night series. I do believe the mother daughter duo of the Casts really shined here. There was never a dull moment starting from the very beginning. Of course the authors filled us in on Zoey the main character and high priestess in training at the House of Night were new fledgling vampryes train. She’s been abandoned by her friends in their view for losing but she had to, too keep them safe from the dangerous Nefert who in human terms is the dean of the school and a high priestess hiding many evil secrets.

Somehow with the luck of an unlikely friend Aphrodite whom the school hates, yes hates, disowned, shunned, you be the judge on words she went from top ring to bottom draw in one swoop. Well the two fledgling in the entire school can’t have their minds read and now need to stick close together or face doom which is pretty much some sort of death according to Aphrodite’s visions about Zoey.

Will the pair get their friends back in time to save the word? Hmm you may want to read the series to find out! I give it a 5 out of 5 stars for riveting beginnings to end drama and keeping the writer motivated to read more!

The first 5 books in the House of Night series:





Hunted (starting today)

Much Love xo *Ria

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