Boston Museum of Science visit today

Today we took our son to the Boston Museum of Science on his school vacation (his 4th visit in 2 years lol). So this week we have been to the local very large arcade, chuckie cheese (I am not a fan lord help me but he asked so nicely we couldn’t say no lol) and now the museum. Now I bet your thinking that must have been fun… Museum was a blast got there in an hour with a little traffic so not bad going in but the ride home was almost I freaking kid you not, 2.5 hours. The traffic was heavy and at a stand still from Boston MA to East Providence RI and this was at 230pm ya’ll not high traffic hour and on a Wednesday.

View of Boston Harbor 1st floor walking into the green or blue wings. Each wing has a theme.

Back to the museum, new NFL exhibit was cool. It’s a traveling one so it leaves next week. It had great memories of past and present players, refs, coaches. A few interactive areas, like how far can you throw the ball, kick it, jump, reach etc. Our son liked the interactive parts the best!

We avoided things you had to wait an hour for, like imax movie viewings (we can see the same movies back home like the polar express), the butterfly exhibit we saw over the summer! It’s a little walking area about 1000 felt long 6ft wide where the butterflies float above. There was a bit of a wait so we went and gawked at the dinosaurs and fossils instead.

The fossil area was pretty decent sized not many people gawking like us. There are real fossils found around the world to man made. They are feet in front of you and you see the true magnitude of these amazing creatures.

We actually got to go into a area we’ve never been. The things there where all animals or ancient items found around the world and a lot of animal bones or stuffed animals that have been long passed away. To get into this area you walked through a man made cave with writings on the sides, you really felt like you where in that era.

The electricity area and how things move is always a crowd pleaser! Always busy so be warned. This is all on the blue wing by the way.

The green wing housed live animal care, discovery into the body and more extinct birds. I didn’t even know barn owls were on that endangered list. That made me sad!

Please don’t be like us and wait 25 minuets in line for food ya’ll then have to sit on the floor because at least 300 people were eating at same time as you. Pack a little lunch and a backpack they have lockers you can put that stuff in, super cheap. We however forgot that part and spent $40 on 2 small salads, soda, orange juice, and pasta lol oops. We also got in free because we are members of the Roger Williams Zoo in RI, sweet $90 entry to museum save there. Gift shop was fairly priced spent about $65 (got a little excited there lol) and parking runs between $12-20 depending how many hours you stay, we spent $12 for 2 hours. It was just rather packed after 12pm due to school vacation so we cut out early and agreed to go back in the summer. All in all more drive time then museum time but a fun little visit! We will definitely take the train in next time, I mean 45min train or 3 hour tour… you decide lol!

Much Love xo *Ria

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