The bellas 3rd movie, 4 out 5 stars

We rarely go out as a couple without our son. By rare I mean every 8 months if not more do we go on dates alone. We make due don’t get me wrong and we are well aware 8 months or more is long and couples need alone time, yada yada lol. Today was one of those rare moments.

As you may know my father in-law has Alzheimer’s, a stage 5 if we are getting technical. Stage 5 is the worst possible stage in the disease, there is no coming back as we have been told by doctors less then a year ago and what we read daily. He was the brightest, sweetest, and he was a gentleman of all gentleman you could get in a human and it turned him into someone that’s not recognizable. He needs 24/7 care not including to be told who he is, what day it is, and no you can’t pee there and now we have to take away certain objects so he won’t throw them in confusion. And if you say put him in a home it cost $10,000-15,000 a month. We have toured 10 places in the last 3 months and he needs a locked unit with a nurse legit sitting by his bed side. So my mother-law watches and protects his every move! It’s not a fun disease ya’ll it makes families angry and sad all at once. Don’t get me wrong he has his good days like today.

Note: They live 1 mile from our home in walking distance.

Today the mother in-law calls and says we are going out, the good doctor (he’s a retired dentist) was having a very good morning. So we got to go out on a 3 hour day date. He’s best from 11-4pm, after 5pm it’s sun downing and he gets afraid of the dark. Look it up it’s a real thing! Anyway we went to a quick movie at 1230pm, Pitch Perfect 3. Ya’ll slim pickings movie wise let me tell you at the time we needed lol, so Pitch Perfect 3 was it.

We literally ran out of the house towards the theater which is 3 miles from our house, we arrived with 15 min to spare thats how well timed it was. Anyway the movie was a good 4 out of 5 star laugh wise, never heard of Fat Amy’s dad before so the twist of him being a bad guy type on a yacht through me off so minus a star. Including in the minus star was the fact one of the bellas was having a baby back home and she wasn’t included on the tour. I like everyone from start to finish to be included in movies unless killed off. I did however like all the bands jive on their uso tour. Haha the riff off was definitely funny. The movie didn’t seem to drag at all and it was well put together for a singing movie. If you have 3 hours like us then it’s a good choice to run to it.

Much Love *Ria

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2 thoughts on “The bellas 3rd movie, 4 out 5 stars

  1. Ria: my mom is also stage 5 and currently living in a lock down alf. This disease sucks. Most days I’m doing good just to get her to smile. She is mostly immobile now. She can take very limited steps like from her chair to the bathroom with 2 aides helping her. This started 6 years ago when my dad passed. She used to ask for him all the time, not remembering he had passed. Yesterday I showed her a picture of him and there was not even a glimmer of recognition. That made me very sad.. I long for the days when I could have an actual conversation with my mom. Sadly, those days are long gone! I’m here if you or Dani ever need to vent. Lovingly, Happy new year.


    1. I agree this disease sucks! He has moments but they are very far and in between then he gets a gloss over in his eyes and he’s gone. He too can walk to the bathroom and back with his cane or walker but falls a lot and refuses help. I’m sorry we are all dealing with this horrible disease! Wow six years that’s like a lifetime I am so sorry, it will be 1 year at this stage in February. We got hit with it all in one month oct 2016 the news was devastating to Dani and her mom. He didn’t even go thru 1-3 stages. Stage 4 was diagnosed oct 2016 and bam feb 2017 stage 5. Thank you and always reach out if you want to talk too! The doctors say it gets easier with time, but I feel playing chess with a grand master may be easier lol! Happy New Year!


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