2018 it’s happening

I don’t really want to do the ‘reflection’ thing, so many people I’m sure around the world are either screaming f 2017 or it was the best year yet. Cool cool as the nfl quarterbacks have been saying dilly dilly and I tip my glass to you! What I really want to say, is listen it wasn’t the perfect year but hell, my family and I made it through with health and like 75% happiness most of the time lol. I don’t care about the ones we have lost over stupidity your lost not mine, people who lost their lives too soon, rest easy my friends and lastly I have only 2 regrets for 2017.

1. Never went to Vermont. The one state in New England I haven’t visited. Oh, I’m going this year. It doesn’t matter the season, each one holds a beauty from what I’ve read! I will hands done go in 2018!

2. Show how much I love my family especially my wife daily. You forget that three little words are not just three little words you also have to show them. 10 years is a very long time together and you have to keep things fresh, don’t take things for granted. Looking around some of the people I’ve known have left this earth in their 30’s and I just don’t want to leave without making sure she knows my heart has always been hers.

So 2018 bring it or as my favorite movie goes ‘let’s go!’ ghostbusters as she chargers the ghosts with fury lol) Happy New Year ya’ll and remember everything happens for a reason. One grain of salt can tip a scale for sure but it’s what you do with that one grain salt that matters! Make it ok, a scare will work as long as you made the right choice!

Oh if we are predicting thing: I will hell or high water publish my novel! It’s happening, no time like 2018 lol!

Much Love xo *Ria

Ushering into a new year we started a puzzle together late last night!

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