Live in the now

I once read a few years ago that ‘broke is only a mindset.’ It hit me reading that. I was like really now? I kept reading on and was overwhelmed at the way people were living in a positive lite. Was I one of the living pay check to pay so miserable about my life? YES! So I read everything I could get my hands on that went with this new found motto. Ya’ll holy hotness was there a lot to weed through that I felt good about. I hate lectures so I passed on those podcasts or books. I began living with the fact as money comes and it goes but I won’t sit at a miserable job and be unhappy. Clearly this upset people I’m sure around me. 9-5 they shout, yeah good story but why cant we just be happy? Live in the now? Apparently living in the now doesn’t pay bills. I get that, I do, but if you hate your life, hate walking up every morning, and grumble at your co-workers then your not at all in love with your job.

Point 2: Can you just quite your job without a savings. No not a great plan I would say, oops. But hey look around, anything you can sell to get you by as you look for inspiration on your next adventure? Screw it move to the ocean, work out of a lemonade stand with your dog in-tow by day and be happy at night. Maybe your a woods kinda guy. I hear they are hiring lumber jacks in Canada, I’m serious look into it. For me the country dream is rather real so I sell cloths by day out of my home with my partner. Are we in debt sure but for other reasons, Sallie Mae and I are not friends lol. Does selling cloths cover all our bills nope, unless we legit hustle, but I have no boss being all (insert fun word). Ya’ll don’t discuss your plans with negative people. They are dream killers. Run from them! Legit run! Their vibe is horrible! Did I already say RUN lol!

So if your dream is working at a desk they dude be you! But if you wake up thinking wow I could just be me and live in the moment then do that. I’m not telling you at all what to do, I’m merely saying ‘broke is only a mindset.’ I’m saying search inside and be happy. The world needs more happy ya’ll!

Much Love xo *Ria

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