I love Snapple Tea

Damn Snapple, why do you have to be so delicious. I know your not too good for me but I only have you once a week and I don’t drink alcohol (it’s been 15 years, was never a drinker really just not my thing) and I don’t drink soda (stopped aug 2016), I don’t smoke cigarettes (never have, never will) so I’m thinking one Snapple a week won’t actually kill me lol.

Snapple and I get each other! I mean the half and half Tea/lemonade is the best but I recently discovered the lemon tea and that one is now an equal #1 with half and half. Your thinking why the hell am I reading about Snapple right now? Because they changed their bottles. They went from glass to plastic about 2 months or more ago. They are switching because they discovered that this ‘new’ found plastic is better for the environment. They say it dissolves easily into the earth quicker then the glass they have been using since day one. I’m not a scientist but it makes since.

The funny part here is my weekly Snapple buy has only been in glass while all the other kinds they make have been in the new plastic bottles. Maybe they are just filtering through and getting all the glass out then integrating the new in. But I’ve been to at least 4 different stores in my area and only the lemon tea & half and half are still glass. I don’t know why I’ve noticed this or why I’m questioning it, but it was my random thought of the day!

The random facts under the caps are totally awesome too! I learn something new every time lol.

Much Love xo *Ria

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