When your editing and you start a 3rd novel

Today I did some writing. Ok I started my 3rd novel lol. My first 2 novels are in the editing phase then I’ll most likely send it out to publishers like everyone else or I’ll self publish. I haven’t quite decided yet. But while I was thinking about those pages it hit me like walking into a branch in the woods. The dang thing just came out of know where. Boom 3rd novel started. I think I’ve written 8 pages in an hour. Ok, ok it’s not a lot in an hour but I decided to edit the 1st 8 pages instead of going nuts like I did the last books and cause myself ugly crying editing. Hahaha Don’t act like this hasn’t happened to you! We have all been there. Some ugly cry, some drink bourbon, some go for a run so they won’t throw sh**!

Feeling good and there will be such a twist straight out the gate with this one I’m almost freaking shaking! Ahhh ok I need a tea to calm the jets!

Much Love xo *Ria

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2 thoughts on “When your editing and you start a 3rd novel

  1. Best of luck to you. And great salute as you are on third and here look at me! Still writing my first one. Though from last two days I didn’t write anything. Bless me as I go through an inner struggle every time I pick up to write.


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