Poem: It’s up to you

The ones who bleed survive,

Their stories are usually untold,

Nestled into a small town,

Failed from the start,

They escape barely,

Only to be driven by raven talons,

Fight, Fight, Fight,

Friday nights are the same everywhere,

Except here.

Here they say don’t be allergic to failure,

It’s only a mindset,

The crowd screams your number,

Your parents talk you up,

But this field isn’t for you,

It’s for them,

And all you want to do is read.

Yet here you are,

Surrounded by pathetic jock straps,

With an arm as a cannon,

This game isn’t for you,

Your ship is in the Pacific,

Where hook and pirates mate,

Where heavens open to gods,

And humans dream of better lands,

Vampires dwell in secret caves,

This isn’t your world,

Yet here you are with beads of sweat,

And people who want for themselves,

You wish you where allergic to grass!

Much Love xo *Ria

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