Poem: Pure desire

Her lips were ruby red,

With eyes of emerald green,

Her nose pierced on the right,

With pearls of pure white.

His lips pink in nature,

With eyes dark as mud,

His leather jacket navy,

With red paint down the sleeves.

Some would say they matched each other with winsome,

But who were they kidding vampryes rarely aged,

Barely faded with wrinkles,

Born with pure desire,

Their blood linked like hot iron fire.

They both trembled under the flicking light,

Trees hide their shadows,

Alone in the fading woods at last.

Who would bite first,

They needed each other to survive,

Sadly one had to die,

This stand went on for minutes,

No one made a move,

Until a dog howled,

And she bit him under the moon!

Much Love xo *Ria

#blogger #life #poem #bloggers #dailypost #postaday #promptwordoftheday

Prompt word of the day: winsome

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