Small victories

Found a new format on our computer that puts your book into manuscript form so it’s an easier send to publishers, friends etc. It looks super professional and easier to read for friends doing a pre-read before the official publication.

It counts the pages, words and puts your last name + name of book on top right corner so all the pages match. Little relieved now because I thought I was going to have to spend money on another app that I would most likely either hate or not be able to use because I’m not super duper tech savvy lol. Oh I can get around a computer don’t get me wrong but some apps are made so humans I believe grow flustered and frustrated so we have to call that god awful 1800 number that doesn’t actually help any. There goes $14.99 on a dang app. Well not today Susan. Please we have all been there lol. So here’s to the little victories! Here’s to finishing chapter 3 and starting chapter 4. Damn it dory I’m swimming lol!!!!

Much Love xo *Ria

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