Book Review: The Golden Shears

Tell me how I am suppose to wait for the 3rd book of this series to drop this year with no date ahead! Ughhhhhh!!!! Well I guess in the meantime I can read all the e-books ya’ll have sent me for free in exchange for my honest, positive but to the point review!

This book was the second book in the Scarlett Thread series by D.S. Murphy. Definitely hands down a 5 out of 5 star review. I didn’t even think half of what happened could actually happen. Are you kidding me with the 3 fates though? My mind still is in awe of that part. I won’t tell you what happened, I promise just wow is all you need to know! Are the Shears real or a made up rumor to lead the war this way or that. The all out god story with that many interesting roles and twists was certainly studied upon before writing this book and I certainly appreciate that! So much goodness in one book I applaud you D.S. Murphy! Round of applause!

PS. I would like to put it out there as the time will come when I will need early book reviewers to read my upcoming novel in the next few months. If anyone needs a reader and wants to pass their e-book or paper back form, I’m happy to read and be your ginny pig and post a review! So many amazing authors have already sent me copies 14 total just this month! I’m trying to read them all by mid February!

Much Love xo *Ria

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