Little Museum Visit

Our plan today was to go to Providence Children’s Museum around 11am Perfect we bought because everyone would be home cooking and waiting patiently for friends to come over to watch the Patriots game in our state. Well we planned hat horribly lol. The time we went was freaking insane. Every child and every parent matched in Patriots jerseys. Clearly as my wife said ‘bet their all here to get their kids tired so they wouldn’t be bothered while they watch the game!’ Holy bananas was she right.

The museum is rather small. Sure it has too levels but it’s the same things since I was a kid. Upstairs is the local play market inside showing what immigrants paid and grew back in the 1800’s, a little May flower type boat to play on, play veggies in every area, a little wooden play house and a construction type area showing a bridge and how it was built in RI. In the back was building blocks an eating area and things to build with. It was 80 degrees up there but my son enjoyed it!

The first floor has a water area with different types of steams, flow and frozen ice to play with. Another noodle type area with pool noodles to put in holes and build with. They also have an outdoor area to dig and crawl through tunnels. Runs you all $8 each and you literally can play and run for 2 hours and legit I kid you not touch everything and not miss a single thing that’s how tiny it is. Be prepared to be hot!

It was cool we have been a few times when we have run out of options in RI to visit in the winter time. Today we should have planned better but at least none of us were in Patriots gear so we could lose each other hahahaha! I give that museum a 3.0 out of 5 because it needs a serious update!

Much Love xo *Ria

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