Poor little guy is sick

Well what can I say I didn’t get to write today. It’s ok honestly I do better when I think of random thoughts then put it on paper within seconds. That’s were the snowball effect happens for me and I write chapters. It’s not to say I couldn’t have written today, but my little guy who’s five got the flu. Yup you heard that right. The flu that’s been attacking everyone near and far. Lucky for us we took him to the doctors twice in 24hrs and he was put on the right meds to catch it head on and early! We are now just watching him like hawks. I know right nothing like watching an individuals every move I feel like a detective lol. Did he just cough, hows his breathing, did he actually eat or just have nibbles what time was his last meds etc etc.

The doctors all said we caught it early and to have him rest that was Thursday and it’s now Saturday. So by Sunday evening he should feel a good 90% better. And thank goodness his 101 fever (even on meds) finally broke today around noon after 3 days. Poor little guy. It sucks when you can’t take away the pain and just wish to trade places so he could receive relief but it looks good so far and he seems to be acting normal again even with a raspy voice. My favorite part in all this was the doctors said he probably contacted it from a child in his class who went untreated and the parents didn’t keep said child home! Oh Perfect! Doctor even said good thing we treated our little guy early because untreated flu can circle back around and knock you down again even worse. Well that’s just perfect! Can’t wait to talk to his teacher! High five to our guy who’s on the mend! And no high five to parents who don’t take their child’s cough seriously, you literally put others at risk!

Much Love xo *Ria

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