Dogs mind

Luna: My momma is silly! She just discovered Bookbub to read books for free. She’s a little late to the game but catching up to fresh new reads! Lol maybe mom will read something interesting and use information when playing games that will need said information like cards for humanity or barrel o’wine. Mom get it together!

Mom: Listen I’ve read plenty of books and historical magazines this year Luna! Sure I retreat to some books in the 2008-2011 in every genre lol. But this year I’ve read two full books on history! A book on the Alcatraz Escape with the trio who were never found alive or dead! Now that was an excellent read! And my favorite historical book based on President Roosevelt wife called: Elenor & Hick! That book held my attention and every page with every memory of the two of them had me feeling like I was a little fly on the wall during their conversations or letters. So see Luna I’m semi up to date.

Luna: Licks her paw!

Much Love xo *Ria

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