Couch & Football

My family and I are season ticket holders to an NFL team. I won’t say who, I don’t want to fight about who’s team is better lol. But I will say this. We pay a little more for the entire season then one person pays to go to watch the super bowl not including a possible plane rider ride trip at average $350. Add on 2 nights minimum stay for $500-600 both nights. Why because most hotels will have a fine print clause for you to stay 2 nights around big events. Spending money, food and drinks. Round up to $7000-8000 a person.

That escalated quickly! Happy Super Bowl ya’ll! I’m watching from my comfy couch with my family and we are in pajamas! Winning I say! Lol

(Photo not mine: curtsey vivid seats)

Much Love xo *Ria

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