Angry but Passionate

And this just makes me angry! Smh, so many lives lost because you didn’t act on a single tip! I am so angry right now but I am a passionate angry person and won’t throw hateful words! I won’t scream and cause confusion. I won’t attack or act out disrespectfully. This was a human error judgement call. Every tip matters! Speaking from a place personally I have worked these back offices. I have seen what tips can do! They save lives and this is just plain in my opinion, someone got lazy and didn’t believe the caller. They made note of it like in training teaches you but never forwarded the information. Important information! I hope future training shows the dangers of what not taking every tip seriously looks like and I do believe that phone-operator needs to be fired for cause of this.

It will be the only time I comment on this tragic event that took place Feb 14, 2018 where 17 innocent lives were taken too soon! God speed for you and your family! That won’t ever get you back or take your family and friends pain away and for that I am truly sorry! This shouldn’t have ever happened! Ever!

Much Love xo *Ria

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