Storming in RI

The ‘cyclone bomb’ so their calling it here in the East is ripping its way through our town. We lost power at 130pm today. Hasn’t been that bad without power I’ll say that. I mean the rain is brutal, it’s 36 degrees outside and the windy is literally throwing trampolines around and big oak trees. Not to mention we went to our sons school at 230pm early today usually they gat out at 3pm. Anyway the school is blacked out as we are pulling up and as I’m driving around the corner into the front of school there’s a police officer with a squad car sitting out front with the biggest tree I have ever seen. Poor tree broke all it’s branches slamming into the street taking out a telephone pole that sat off to the side of the front of the school grounds. Then boom 2 cars got nailed but the tree.

Like any mama would we park and jump out the car running towards school to help and the principal comes running outside with it just went down! Were like ok everyones safe and can we help! (We are very active parents lmao) She says ‘HELL yeah please!’ We start navigating the cars and keeping the cars away from the bus terminal lot so the kids can get on safe. My wife is checking licenses for pickups, counting children. She’s a teacher there but didn’t work today which is funny. All and all the children where safe, the parents didn’t complain, teachers lined up pickups to one side inside school and the bus goers to the other side. Everything was planned perfectly! Except 2 teachers cars got plumped by 2 huge trees and power lines. Minus that the principal had her as they same ‘game face on!’ Now we are cold but in fresh cloths and hoping for power at sometime tonight! Looks like the school will need all new power lines connecting to it! Not sure if that will be fixed before Monday though. Stay safe everyone!

Best pic we could get of one the trees as we where directing traffic at the school. It’s much bigger and two cars destroyed.

Much Love xo *Ria

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