First meeting

I walked into your party,

Perfection at its finest,

You offered me wine,

My thoughts became jumbled,

And I knew leaving wasn’t possible.

Messy hair don’t care,

You weren’t mine,

Not yet anyway,

I fought the urge to reach out,

It wasn’t my place,

But couldn’t look away,

And baby I tried.

We took it too far,

Your laugh was electric,

No elegant thoughts passed between us,

It was making to watch you stand there,

The kiss wasn’t staged,

We got caught in the moment,

The club being our oasis.

Then it was time to be found,

Someone couldn’t handle it,

She choose to steal you away,

You hated that day,

It was messy,

Sadly heart breaking,

The day I moved in,

You sat and cried,

For closing a chapter,

And start new pages.

This poem was 10 years in the making when I found you! Xo

Much Love xo *Ria

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Prompt word of the day: messy

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