When a dead line is looming

So much goes into getting a book together to publish. Ready…

1. Think of book (outline)

2. Be excited

3. Start to write book

4. Edit what you wrote so far

5. Tell others what your up too so the word gets out that your writing a book

6. Get excited x 10

7. Continue to write

8. Edit those pages

9. Think about cover as it’s haunting you

10. Write more

11. Design cover in your head

12. Scratch that cover

13. Use an app to actually design cover

14. Edit that

15. Are you feeling excited

16. Write, write, write

17. Forgot to edit

18. Go back an edit

19. Ending is on the tip of your tongue but your not half way writing boom yet

20. Pauses to write ending in separate paper so it’s at least written down somewhere

21. Look into self publishing

22. Decide that’s the thing for you

23. Sign up for self publishing

24. Freaking sweating but excited still

25. Make cookies

26. What the hell

27. Back to writing

28. Ask your only 2 friends and wife to give their point of view in final book cover draft

29. That escalated quickly

30. Write, write, write

31. May 2018 release date is looming

32. Still need to write out last 3 chapters and ending

33. Post about your book at least once a day so others know it’s coming soon

34. Is the heat on?

35. Oh my gosh I need to write

36. Going to zoo, need a break

37. Write all day tomorrow to catch up

38. Research how to print your own novels to hand out to the community in exchange for reviews

39. That was easier then I thought

40. Crap I need to write and edit more

I got this… 50 days or so until Pinky Promised is released! I’m cool! Lol

Much Love xo *Ria

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