Poem: Inside your Mind


It’s the mind who wonders,

Not the feet,

Or hands.

It’s races,

Whipping side to side,

The mind is all alone.

It talks to only you,

Deep inside a cave like tomb,


With light seeping through,

No one can go there but you.

Is there such think as a break,

Even a mild one,

Stars are set reaching,

Your mind and body become as one.

It’s sadly fleeting,

There’s no catch up,

The mind is traveler,

A lone survivor,

Made for one!

World Poetry day

Much Love xo *Ria

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3 thoughts on “Poem: Inside your Mind

  1. Happy world poetry day! I must say, as an English Literature student, I absolutely loved this! You have such a talent for writing and I really loved this poem – it felt like wandering into the deepest corners of your mind, the place where you just kind of think things and dwell on them! Really great thank you so much for sharing!

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