Speaking feels good

Today I talked with a director of a small farmers market about having a booth setup early June with my book Pinky Promised. She was very cool and said to send her an email when the paper backs comes out to set something up! That was easier then I thought!

Things I’ve noticed:

1. I’m eager to talk about my genre.

2. I like to laugh at my own jokes.

3. I’m good in any situation involving food.

4. I ate a lot of cheese at said farmers market.

5. I talked with almost every booth owner about there product and smiled a lot.

6. I make friends easily.

7. I wish I had Pinky Promised already printed to show book, as I’m speaking to people. People like to see products. *Soon*

Hey a step in the right place, I would say. Now to talk to anyone local with a business that will listen or let me setup up a small 2 or 3 book tiny display on their counters to reach anyone and everyone I can! Heck I’ll be happy if people from other states ask for a few books for their counters too!

In no way am I rushing my book debut but I can’t wait to touch, feel and see the finished product! Excited may be an understatement, ya’ll!!!

Not my photo… credit to google!

Much Love xo *Ria

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Pinky Promised available on Amazon:

(An LGBT Fiction Romance Novel)


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