That was cool

My wife texted me while I was at karate with our almost 6 year old guy (were has the time gone, 1 month until he turns 6) and asks me to grab her a coffee after practice. No problem, insert happy face, send lol. I order through those dang voice in a boxes, we pull forward and the young guy behind the window says ‘your order is all set, the family ahead you paid and said Happy Easter!’ Now ya’ll these very sweet strangers paid for my items out of the goodness of their souls so I turn to him hand him my card and say ‘Oh my gosh, thank you, I would like to pay for the car behind me, and tell them Happy Easter as well.’

And so the spreading of kindness was sent into the air, causing a small ripple effect! This has never happened to me, before. I mean I’ve heard about it, saw it on tv! But it was very cool to be doing it! Thank you to the mysterious car in front of me! Your amazing!

Much Love xo *Ria

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